Bremec Watering Guide


* AVOID a watering “routine”; make a habit of checking the soil. *

1.) WATER STRESS can result from either TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE water, and is the #1 cause of poor plant growth and even death. KEEP IN MIND: symptoms of either type of water stress can look very similar.

2.) The type of newly planted trees, shrubs or perennials plus the time of year and temperature are all factors in determining how much water each plant will need.

  •  Learn the TYPE OF SOIL in your yard, how it drains or holds water.

3.) Water the soil at the base of the plant where the roots are. Avoid using overhead sprinklers, except when watering lawns. Soaker hoses or spot irrigation is most effective, efficient and economical.

4.) Avoid shallow rooted, wilt-prone plants and mildewed foliage with these TWO RULES when watering:\

  • A. Water slowly and deeply rather than frequently and shallowly, to encourage deep root growth allow soil to dry  slightly between watering, this will encourage roots to reach for water.
  • Water the ground not the air or leaves. Very dry soil is slow to take up water so you may need to water one plant, go to the next and come back to previous to be sure the water is able to soak in

NOTE: Most trees and shrubs should receive 1” to 1.5” (5-10 gallons) of water per week during the growing season. If the plants do not receive rain, manual watering should be provided. Typically a garden hose on low to medium pressure, on shower setting, will take about 5 minutes to produce 10 gallons of water.

VOLUME & FREQUENCY (Priority: volume OVER frequency…)

Trees & Shrubs: HINT–Use a rain gauge or moisture tester! KEEP IN MIND: It’s an ART and a science. Amount each watering: 2-3 minutes with hose on low to medium shower at base or 1-1.5 hours with soaker hose

   First month: Check soil moisture daily by hand or moisture meter (For best results, we encourage establishing a    water program where approximately 20 gallons of water is applied weekly per tree and 5 gallons weekly per shrub)

   First & second season: 1 time per week for the remainder of the growing season

Perennials: HINT–Use a rain gauge! KEEP IN MIND: It’s an ART and a science. Amount each watering: 30 seconds-1 minute with hose on low shower at base or 30-45 minutes with  soaker hose

  First 2 weeks: Check soil moisture daily (water daily to every other day)

NOTE: It is very important for your new plantings to be watered regularly. However, the TYPE OF SOIL and the WEATHER CONDITIONS should determine how frequently and how much you water. Never water automatically or without first checking the soil to determine if watering is needed. To do this, use a trowel to test the moisture of your soil about 4-6 inches deep. If you find it is dry or only slightly damp, the plant should be watered. Sandy soils generally will need to be watered more frequently than clay soils.



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