Tropical Plants

Bremec’s Tropical Plant Paradise

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In northeast Ohio, you might think a tropical oasis is out of the question.  But at Bremec, we bring in a vibrant collection of tropical plants each spring.  Mandevilla, Hibiscus, Cordyline, Sago Palms and more add the wow factor to your summer containers, or make exceptional houseplants year round. Tropical plants can provide a vacation vibe to any back yard. Bremec carries a large variety including fruit baring tropical plants.

Indoor Tropical plants act as air purifiers filtering out common toxins, supporting a healthier living environment and overall personal well being.


Bremec Succulents

Succulents can be used in a variety of ways, from table top planters to in-ground rock gardens. Succulents bloom at different times depending on the variety. The flower is often on a stalk that shoots up from the center of the plant. After the bloom dies, simply pinch off the stem and dis-card. The plant will fill in with new leaves. If your succulents out-grow your planter, or stretch due to insufficient light, simply trim them back with scissors or pruners.