Succulents Guide



  • Choose a container with a drainage hole in the bottom
  • Prepare your container by lining the bottom with a layer of pea gravel
  • Add well-draining soil such as cactus soil or potting soil combined with sand
  • Remove the succulent from its pot or tray and nestle into the soil of your container
  • Maintain soil level (i.e. plant shouldn’t be buried too low in the soil or raised high above the soil)
  • Top the soil with a layer of gravel

Light and Temperature:

  • Succulents require at least a half day of sunlight. The more light, the better!
  • Many succulents are not cold hardy to our region. Anytime the outdoor temperature is below 50°F, bring your planter indoors.
  • Succulents like Hens &Chicks and Sedum are cold hardy to zones 3-5. They can overwinter outdoors.


  • After planting, water thoroughly. Do not allow water to pool on the leaves.
  • Thereafter, only water when the soil is dry (i.e. push your finger into the soil to your first knuckle. If your finger-tip feels dry, then you can water).  Succulents do not like wet feet.
  • Keep planter away from heater vents or blowers that could cause excessive drying You can water with a liquid Miracle Gro solution or something similar every month or two.

Use & Miscellaneous:

  • Succulents can be used in a variety of ways, from table top planters to in-ground rock gardens.
  • Succulents bloom at different times depending on the variety. The flower is often on a stalk that shoots up from the center of the plant. After the bloom dies, simply pinch off the stem and dis-card.. The plant will fill in with new leaves.
  • If your succulents out-grow your planter, or stretch due to insufficient light, simply trim them back with scissors or pruners.


Succulents Care Guide