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Fish Pond SuppliesCome home to the relaxing atmosphere of a water garden. Lush plants and the peaceful sound of running water will add serenity to your busy life. At Bremec’s Pond Shop in Chesterland we sell only quality products from reputable suppliers, providing you with all the components you need to build and maintain your water feature.

A sampling of our favorite pond products is also available at Bremec on the Heights and Bremec of Concord.  Call for seasonal availability.  See why the professionals shop at Bremec.

  • Koi food & treats
  • Filterfalls, skimmers & components
  • A full line of pumps
  • Firestone liners & underlayment
  • Fountain nozzles & lighting
  • Pipe, hoses & fittings
  • Water treatments and cleaners
  • Pond nets, heaters & maintenance items
  • Design, installation & maintenance service

Let Bremec’s team of certified experts assist you in all your aquatic needs, from building your water garden to make it complete with a water feature. We can help you choose the right products to build your water garden, or you can rely on our installation experts to design and build it for you.

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