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Bremec Garden Centers offer one of the largest plant selections in northeast Ohio. We have an abundance of unique plant varieties that will thrive in our growing conditions, and we guarantee that you are getting healthy, fresh and lush plants.  Visit our ever expanding property and find inspiration everywhere.


Plants Isolated
Growing annuals is one of our largest undertakings; we grow over 1 million individual plants each year!  Our dedicated staff plants and tends our annual crop twelve months out of the year to give our customers the absolute best selection.  With so many varieties and colors to choose from, you’re sure to be inspired.  Our annuals are planted in flats (18 plants per flat), 4” pots, 3” pots, hanging baskets and 1 gallon pots with varieties for sun or shade.  Combination planters showcase sensational plant pairings in unique containers.

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Our Favorite Annuals

Kathy (Grower) likes Cosmos:

  • Airy, light and pastel-colored
  • Bloom continuously throughout the summer
  • Sometimes reseed themselves

Katie (Grower) loves Million Bells:

  • Tons of blooms that keep coming all season
  • Great for container gardens
  • Not aggressive like a Petunia

Jessica (Container Designer) is smitten with Brugmansia:

  • Tropical plant commonly called Angel Trumpet
  • Adds unique structure to your plantings
  • Evening fragrance is divine!

Choose from over 1,000 varieties of perennials at Bremec Garden Centers.  We carry grasses, ground cover and garden flowers, and most of our plants are available in multiple colors or varieties.  You’ll find classics and new cultivars side by side in our expansive perennials collection.

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TreesWith 27 acres at our flagship Garden Center in Chesterland, our selection of trees is vast.  Shade trees, ornamental trees, flowering trees and specimen trees fill our nursery.  Sourced both locally and nationwide (as far as California), our Nursery seeks out only the best of each species.  At each of our locations, our experienced nursery staff will help you select the best trees for your yard’s conditions and your personal style.  Be sure to ask about our MYKE 5 Year Warranty on hardy trees and shrubs.

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Rhododendrons, Boxwoods, Weigela, Roses, Azaleas, Blueberry bushes…the list goes on.  At Bremec the selection is sensational!

Find the best shrub for every project…sun, shade, blooming, evergreen, brilliant fall foliage, or deer resistant.  Be sure to ask about our MYKE 5 Year Warranty on hardy trees and shrubs.

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tropical plantIn northeast Ohio, you might think a tropical oasis is out of the question.  But at Bremec, we bring in a vibrant collection of tropical plants each spring.  Mandevilla, Hibiscus, Cordyline, Sago Palms and more add the wow factor to your summer containers, or make exceptional houseplants year round.

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bremec houseplantsBlooming, Foliage, Low-Light Tolerant…whatever your indoor landscape requires, Bremec has a houseplant solution. Bring some nature indoors with an extraordinary large selection of houseplants and indoor greenery.

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