Bagged & Bulk Goods

Each Bremec location carries a unique variety of bagged and bulk goods.  However, many of our most popular products are available at all three Bremec Garden Centers.  Please call your local Bremec Garden Center for specific products.  Here are a few of our preferred products:

Bulk Goods

Bremec Bulk GoodsTopsoil Mix:

  • 2 parts topsoil, 2 parts compost and 1 part sand
  • Versatile; fill holes, top dressing for lawns, etc.

Dark Hardwood Mulch:

  • Dark brown in color
  • Mixed and double processed at our Chesterland location
  • All natural

Sweet Peet Mulch:

(available at Bremec in Chesterland only)

  • 100% Organic
  • Buffers soil pH
  • Conditions soil

#8 Pea Gravel:

  • Ideal for pathways

More Bulk products are available at each Bremec location.  Call for details.

Locally harvested Firewood is available at Bremec on the Heights approximately late August through February.

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Bagged Goods

Bremec Potting Mix:

  • 32 quart bag
  • Custom blend of peat moss and perlite
  • Holds moisture and nutrients for plants to absorb over time
  • All-purpose blend

Top Soil:

  • 40 lb. bag
  • Top dressing for lawns and garden beds
  • Improves moisture retention
  • Loosens heavy soils

Sweet Peet:

(available at Bremec in Chesterland and Concord only)

  • 1.5 cubic foot bag
  • 100% Organic
  • Buffers soil pH
  • Conditions soil


  • 2 cubic foot bag
  • Nutrient rich

Grass Seed:

  • Available by the pound and in 25 lb. bags
  • Champion Sod
  • Sunny
  • Shade
  • 5-way Rye
  • Titan

Polymeric Sand:

(for pavers)

  • 50 lb. bag
  • Beige or gray

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