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With three convenient locations in Northeast Ohio, Bremec is a wealth of plants, pottery, gardening supplies and expertise. Find everything you’re looking for, plus more inspiration and unique finds.

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Summer is the glory of all gardens.  Sunshine, long days, pollinators and of course, flowers!  As the heat builds this summer, your outdoor oasis can provide cool refreshment.


The cool mist of a trickling fountain helps the worries of the day melt away.  Embrace running water in your landscape with a waterfall, fountain or water feature.  Not sure where to start?  Visit our Fountain Studio to see fountains in action.  Traditional styles, Disappearing Water features, stone boulders, Basalts and Onyx fountains…all these and more are available for you to see in action.  Ask our knowledgeable staff how to make a fountain a reality in your landscape.

Tree Care

When Mother Nature turns up the heat, step in to give your newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials a much needed drink.  Let’s first define what we mean by “watering.”  Watering gives your plant’s roots a long, slow drink.  Roots need to absorb water over time, so be sure you’re watering long and slow to get the soil wet deep down towards the roots.  A quick douse that runs off (or out the bottom of the pot) won’t cut it.  We recommend turning your hose on a low trickle and letting it run next to your tree or shrub for 10-15 minutes (or more, if it’s really dry).  In drought conditions, even your established plants will need supplemental watering.

Establishing the root system in newly planted trees and shrubs takes time, and is crucial to your plant’s long term survival.  Without enough water and nutrients, your tree may struggle.  Take the time now to enjoy your plants for years to come.

Shade Perennials

In the heat of the day, we seek shade.  Why not spruce up your shady areas with diverse perennials?  Shade perennials are more than hostas and ferns.  This year at Bremec, you have a wide variety of shade plants to spice up your gardens.  Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • New Varieties of Coral Bells (Heuchera): Carnival Plum Crazy, Carnival Peach Parfait and Carnival Watermelon have vibrant foliage but also a nice mounding habit.  They are also heat and humidity tolerant and native to North America.
  • Pulmonaria: The unique spotted foliage of this plant makes it an instant favorite.  Available at Bremec in three varieties, while supplies last.
  • Miniature Hostas: We’ve put together a handy Mini Hosta Pack with 6 adorable varieties of hostas that get only a few inches tall.  Great for miniature gardens, shade containers and more.
  • Cimicifuga: This lesser known shade perennial (also called Bugbane or cohosh) gets 2-3’ tall with taller white spikes of flowers.  It is deer resistant and rabbit resistant and attracts butterflies.
  • Anemones: Summer blooming, this shade perennial is available in white and pink flowering varieties.  The simple beauty of the bloom gives your shade garden an instant face lift.

Poolside Plantings

Summer means pool time!  Chances are you spend a lot of hot summer days around the pool.  Choose heat- and chlorine-tolerant plants to withstand pool conditions.  Monrovia has recommendations for you.

Evening Relaxation

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and relax in your beautiful landscape!  Pesky mosquitos at dusk?  With a Lampe Berger lampe, use the Summer Night fragrance to repel and kill mosquitos.  Lampe Berger products are available at our Cleveland Heights and Concord locations, with plenty of fragrances and lampe styles to choose from.



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