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With three convenient locations in Northeast Ohio, Bremec is a wealth of plants, pottery, gardening supplies and expertise. Find everything you’re looking for, plus more inspiration and unique finds.

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As Autumn wraps its arms around us, Bremec Garden Centers offer so many ways to celebrate the season.


Refreshing your container gardens

Good bye summer annuals!  It’s time to refresh your container gardens.  Keep it simple:

  • Remove Summer plants and roots. Loosen the soil.
  • Pop in your autumn plants:
    • Mums and Ornamental Cabbage or Kale are tried-and-true fall essentials
    • Bright pansies and violas (they’ll overwinter under the snow, then pop up with new blooms in the spring!)
    • Perennials show off with foliage, texture and blooms. Then plant them in your garden for a repeat performance next year.


Decorate with Nature’s Bounty

Fall decorating is fun because of its nod to nature’s bounty.  Heirloom pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, cornstalks and straw bales come together in an endless number of ways.  Let your creativity guide you as you group and arrange these fall decorating staples.  Here are just a few of the unique pumpkins and gourds we have available this season:



Bremec Garden Centers offer one of the largest plant selections in northeast Ohio. We have an abundance of unique plant varieties that will …continue reading


Pottery, Statuary & Fountains

At Bremec we pride ourselves on our vast selection of garden ornaments.  Our newly renovated 4,700 square foot open air Fountain Studio in …continue reading


Bulk & Bagged Goods

Each Bremec location carries a unique variety of bagged and bulk goods.  However, many of our most popular products are available at all …continue reading


Stone, Pavers & Retaining Walls

Unlike the traditional garden center, our inventory of natural stone is surprisingly extensive.  Every pallet of stone is unique in our inventory …continue reading


Pond Shop

Lush plants and the peaceful sound of running water will add serenity to your busy life. At Bremec’s Pond Shop in Chesterland we sell only …continue reading


Garden Décor & Gifts

Our inspiration changes with the seasons and we continually refresh our inventory of garden décor and gifts at each of our garden centers …continue reading



Delivery of mulch, topsoil, gravel and other bulk goods is available from each of our three locations.  We also deliver trees, shrubs, fountains …continue reading