Chesterland Houseplant Workshop

March 28, 2020 | Bremec in Chesterland
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Tired of winter?  Keep your green thumb busy in this hands-on workshop The Bremec in Chesterland. The workshop will provide a glazed 8″ pot with tray and each member can select one of four different color options.  Our talented Grower Katie, will educate the group on a variety of house plants so that each member can select the houseplant that is best suited for them and their home.  Learn proper care techniques to ensure your plants stay vibrant and healthy throughout the winter.  Bring your planter home to beautify your indoor landscape and purify your air…and to give you inspiration for spring!  All materials are included in the workshop fee.  RSVP and prepayment is required for this workshop.


Or Call to RSVP at 440-729-2122

Saturday, March 28th at 10am

Chesterland Location

$35 per person