Deer Guide


Plants Not Favored By Deer


Spring Defense Is The Best Offence Against Deer:

Sometimes a great defense secures spring success. For gardeners, nothing is more frustrating than watching your hard work get destroyed. Deer repellent is essential in keeping your landscape from being transformed into a buffet for uninvited guests. As cold weather descends, deer shift their sights to trees, shrubbery and emerging early spring flowers. Since food is scarcer for deer in the winter, their appetites get boosted early spring. Prevention is the most beneficial method of protection.

Fall Protection Against Deer:

Paper/plastic tree wrap or metal caging protects young and thin-barked trees from buck rubs. Replace the wrap every few months to prevent moisture buildup or insect infestation.  Deer are a big threat to young shrubs in the wintertime. Encasing plants in burlap sacks doesn’t just cover up the tempting foliage; it also helps prevent    branches from bending out of shape during wet, heavy snowfall.


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