Community Outreach


We offer profitable, simple fundraising programs for church groups, schools, gardening clubs, and other organizations.  We supply you with a list of our Bremec grown annuals with cost and you simply set your fundraiser prices and begin pre-selling beautiful plants.

Your organization benefits and your constituents get high quality plants for their gardening projects.  You can pick up your order, or pay for delivery.


Fundraiser Timeline

Early February:
Call 440-729-2122 or email to request the Fundraiser list
Decide on your total prices (we will charge you the cost listed)
Customize the list for your fundraiser & distribute to your group

Begin collecting forms and tallying your order (Bremec requests one single order form for your fundraiser)

Submit your total order to Bremec by April 15th
Payment is due upon pick up/delivery (must be picked up or delivered by May 23)



Bremec Garden Centers supports organizations and charitable events in our communities.  Donations are made on an individual basis throughout the year.  To request a donation for your raffle or auction, please send event and organization information to

We look forward to helping you make a difference!

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