Bremec’s 5 Steps to Beautiful Fall Planters


Step 1 – Gather Your Materials
Select a planter that appeals to you and more importantly fits the area you intend it for. Choose a quality potting soil. Decide which plants are best suited for a fall planter. Keep in mind this rule: Thriller, fillers & spiller.

Step 2 – Choose a Thriller
Thriller plants add height and drama to any planter. They can be flowering, foliage or ornamental grasses and are usually placed center or rear of the planter.
See our tall Red Rooster ornamental grass in this planter

Step 3 – Fill up Space
Fillers are rounded plants designed to “fill” space and make the planter look full. Place around or in front of the thriller.
We liked a hardy mum, kale & ornamental fall peppers for our planter.

Step 4 – Don’t Forget to Add a Spiller
Spiller plants usually “spill over” the sides of the container and are often of the vine family. Place close to the edge so they cascade.
We used Creeping Jenny and Pansies.

Step 5 – Make it Yours
Festive fall decorations accent the season and provide personality.
See our mini-pumpkin addition here.